What is dermaplaning?

Dermaplaning is a relatively newer technique in the skin and beauty world. It is the “shaving” or “carving away” of the skin using a relatively dull instrument to shave off baby hairs, and peach fuzz, and exfoliating the skin to remove dry skin, flakes, and slough right off the top of your skin. It is an exfoliating method that is done finely and slowly using short strokes with the dermaplaning instrument going against one direction on your skin. Typically, along with the hair being removed, you can also see all the dead skin cells being scraped away as well. Dermaplaning can be a great addition to a facial appointment to see and feel the results of smooth and clearer-looking skin. The session takes around 1 hour and includes a hydro jelly mask that seals the newly exfoliated skin with moisture so it is hydrated, conditioned, soothed and reduces any inflammation or irritation.

Will dermaplaning work for me?

Yes! If you suffer from dry skin, regularly have to shave your face, feel like your makeup applies cakey, or need extra exfoliation as your exfoliating products are not doing the job- then it’s time for a dermaplaning session.

Is dermaplaning safe?

Dermaplaning is a very safe and painless experience and involves zero downtown. It is safe for all ages and skin types and almost all people are eligible for the procedure. Dermaplaning not only reveals a hair-free face but also smoother skin that is virtually impossible to achieve even with the finest of skin scrubs and exfoliating products. The recommended frequency to dermaplane is once a month as skin cells have a turnover rate of 28 days and a fresh layer of new skin can be achieved regularly if done monthly.

If you have a big day coming up or just looking for some me-time pampering, give us a call and book your dermaplaning session today!


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Frequently Asked Questions

Does dermaplaning remove hair?

Yes, all hair on the face including baby hairs and peach fuzz is all removed when you are getting a dermaplaning treatment

Is dermaplaning the same as an exfoliating treatment?

Yes, it is except there is no use of any chemicals or exfoliants and the treatment is done using swift motions of a dull blade instrument to gently remove hair and dead skin.

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